Cafe Menu

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Breakfast served 6:30am - 10:30am

A La Carte

  • Bagel

    w/Cream Cheese $3.50
  • Oatmeal

  • Ham, Bacon, or Sausage

  • French Toast or Pancakes

    Two each
  • Eggs

    Two eggs, any style
  • Toast or Muffin

  • Hash Browns or Red Potatoes

  • Cottage Cheese

  • Fresh Fruit


Burritos & Breakfast Sandwiches

  • Edge Burrito

    Eggs, hash browns, green onions, and choice of cheese with sour cream inside
  • Ranchero Santa Fe Burrito

    Ranchero sauce, eggs, hash browns, black beans, sausage, green chilies, salsa and pepper jack cheese
  • Denver Burrito

    Eggs, diced ham, peppers, onions, cheddar cheese and hash browns
  • Breakfast Sandwich

    Eggs, cheddar and your choice of bacon, ham or sausage. On a Croissant $6.00; Bagel $5.75; toast of your choosing $5.25; Muffin $5.50

Grilled Breakfast

  • Eye Opener

    Eggs any style with choice of Sausage, bacon, hash browns and toast
  • Pancake Breakfast

    Two cakes, fluffy and served with two eggs any style and either ham, sausage or bacon
  • Biscuits & Gravy

    Fresh baked biscuits with our homemade country gravy ($5.00 for half order)
  • French Toast

    Texas style with two eggs and choice of ham, sausage or bacon
  • Country Benedict

    Our famous country gravy tops off two fresh biscuits with ham and scrambled eggs, served with hash browns
  • The Workout

    Two eggs any style, fresh fruit and cottage cheese


  • Build Your Own Omelet

    Three egg omelet complete with any three toppings (additional toppings $.5o)
  • Mile High Omelet

    Freshly chopped ham, peppers and onions with cheddar cheese
  • Ranchero Santa Fe Omelet

    Our Ranchero sauce tops off this spicy combination of black beans, sausage, green chilies, salsa and pepper-jack cheese
  • Chopped Vegetable

    Peppers, mushrooms, onions, and tomatoes
  • Rivers Edge Omelet

    Bacon, grilled Jamaican chicken, cheddar cheese, avocado and diced tomatoes.


  • Fountain Soda

    Small $1.25
  • Canned Beverages

  • Bottled Juice and Snapple

  • Bottled Water

  • Coffee and Hot Tea



(w/ Choice of Side Salad)

  • Great Western Club

    A tripled-decker with crisp bacon, ham, turkey, Swiss cheese, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, and avocado with chipotle mayo
  • Santa Fe

    Thinly sliced turkey, pepper jack cheese, leaf lettuce, tomatoes, roasted green chili, and chipotle mayo on fresh sour dough bread
  • Empire State

    Ham, corned beef, pastrami, Swiss cheese, coleslaw, and 1000 island dressing on wheat
  • Caprese Croissant

    Fresh Flakey croissant filled with sliced Roma tomato, lettuce, mozzarella cheese and pesto mayo


(w/ Choice of Side Salad)

  • The "Ole" Silver Baron

    Roast beef and caramelized onions with a creamy horseradish mayo, provolone cheese, lettuce and tomato
  • Cobb Sandwich

    Jamaican chicken, bacon bits, lettuce, tomato, mayo, egg, avocado, and gorgonzola cheese
  • The Sicilian

    Whipped Cream Cheese, Salami, ham, pepperoni, roasted red peppers, pepperoncinis, fresh mozzarella cheese, and our house Balsamic vinaigrette
  • Pesto Chicken

    Grilled chicken breast, field greens, tomatoes, pesto mayo, sliced provolone cheese, of a French roll
  • Gobbler's Glory

    Sliced turkey, cranberry sauce, whipped cream cheese, lettuce and tomato.

Build Your Own Sandwich

(w/ Choice of Side Salad)

  • Meats

    Turkey Breast, Roast Beef, Ham, Corned Beef, Pastrami, Salami, Pepperoni, Tuna, Egg Salad, and Curried Chicken Salad
  • Cheeses

    Cheddar, Swiss, Pepper Jack, Provolone, Mozzarella and Gorgonzola
  • Breads

    Whole Wheat, Sour Dough, Marble Rye, and Baguette (Croissant and bagel add $1.50)
  • Choice of Side Salad

    Potato, Pasta, Coleslaw or Cottage Cheese; Big River Deli $7.00 Little River Deli $5.60

Phillies, Burgers, Melts, & More

(w/French Fries)

  • Reuben

    Available in turkey, corned beef or pastrami with Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and 1000 island on marble rye
  • Phillie Steak Sandwich

    Sliced steak with peppers and onions plus melted provolone and cream cheese
  • Classic BLT

    Crispy bacon, romaine lettuce, tomato, and mayo on toasted sourdough
  • Albacore Melt

    Albacore tuna steak with melted cheddar, pesto mayo and tomato on sourdough
  • French Dip

    Hand cut roast beef on fresh toasted baguette. Comes with Au Jus. (Add cheese $.5o)
  • Grilled Cheese

    Melted cheddar cheese on sourdough bread toasted to perfection!
  • Chuck Steak Burger

    1/3lb chuck steak patty with mayo, lettuce, tomato and onion (Add cheese $.50, bacon $1.50, both $1.75)
  • Chicken Strips and Fries

    Crispy chicken tenders with fries and a dipping sauce of your choosing
  • Patty Melt

    1/3lb chuck steak patty with Swiss cheese and grilled onions on rye
  • Fish & Chips

    Fresh hand dipped beer battered fish with fries, coleslaw and a side of tartar sauce
  • Garden Burger

    Chefs’ secret recipe with mayo lettuce, tomato and red onions - 100% Vegetarian (Add cheese $.50)
  • Flat Iron Steak Sandwich

    Sliced flat iron steak with onions, peppers, swiss cheese and basil mayo on ciabatta bread,
  • All Day Burger

    Chuck steak patty with ham, egg, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and cheddar cheese with 1000 island dressing.
  • Shangri-La Chicken

    Teriyaki marinated chicken breast with pineapple, mayo, lettuce, tomato, Swiss cheese and red onion.
  • Blackened Chicken Ciabatta

    Blackend chicken breast topped with Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion and mayonaise. Add Bacon - $1.50
  • Hot Italian

    Ham, pepperoni, and red onion covered with marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, baked until cheese is golden brown and served with lettuce and tomatoes on a baguette.

Big River Salads

(w/ roll, butter, & choice of dressing)

  • Caesar

    Romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese, crostinis, tomato, black olives and artichoke hearts $7.00 (Add chicken $1.50; grilled, crispy, or curried chicken salad)
  • Edge Cobb

    Leaf lettuce topped with grilled chicken, diced bacon, avocado, cherry tomatoes, gorgonzola cheese, and sliced egg.
  • Crispy Chicken

    Leaf lettuce, cherry tomatoes, shredded cheddar, cucumbers, ranch dressing and crispy chicken (Buffalo style also available)
  • Oregon Field Green House

    Field greens topped with candied walnuts, Gorgonzola cheese and craisins (Add chicken $1.50; Grilled, Crispy or curried chicken salad)
  • Nicoise

    Grilled tuna on field greens with Roma tomatoes, cucumbers, cheddar and sliced egg
  • Flat Iron Steak

    Charbroiled flat iron steak on field greens with Roma tomatoes, mushrooms, avocado, black beans, corn and pepper-jack cheese
  • Chef

    Traditional greens with ham, turkey, Swiss, cheddar, Roma tomatoes and sliced egg
  • Southwest Fajita Chicken

    Tomatoes, black beans, corn, olives, grilled chicken, cheddar, crispy tortilla chips and peppers and onions.
  • Spinach Salad

    Fresh spinach with bacon bits, mushrooms, peas, tomatoes, sliced egg and shredded cheddar cheese. Chicken - Add $1.50 (grilled, crispy or curried chicken salad)
  • Garden Veggie

    Field greens topped with tomatoes, corn, peas, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, olives, cucumbers and diced avocado.

All salads may be ordered as a half salad $5.oo with exception to the Nicoise and the Flat Iron Steak.

Rapid Wraps

(on white, wheat, or spinach wrap, w/choice of side salad)

  • Crispy Chicken

    Lettuce, diced tomatoes, shredded cheddar, cucumbers, house ranch dressing and chunks of crispy chicken (Buffalo style also available)
  • Ranchero Santa Fe

    Lettuce, tomato, black beans, green chilies, Jamaican chicken, pepper jack cheese, and our Ranchero sauce
  • B.L.T.A.C.

    Bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado, and grilled chicken with our sweet house ranch dressing
  • California Chicken

    Grilled chicken breast, onion straws, tomato, lettuce, avocado, and Swiss cheese with California style honey cumin sauce
  • Chicken Caesar

    Grilled Jamaican chicken, romaine lettuce, artichoke hearts, diced tomatoes, black olives, shaved parmesan cheese and Caesar dressing.
  • Garden Veggie

    Avocado, cream cheese, olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, artichoke hearts, sauteed onions and peppers, mushrooms and field greens wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla,
  • Mississippi River Bayou

    Blackened chicken breast, caramelized onions, corn, black olives, avocado, diced tomatoes, field greens and Cajun dressing.
  • Rouge River

    Crispy chicken, caramelized onions, roasted red peppers, field greens and bleu cheese crumbles with our signature garlice bleu cheese dressing.